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Application of carbon nanomaterials in plant biotechnology

Review Overcoming challenges due to enhanced biomedical waste generation during COVID-19 pandemic

Tacking Carbon Chemistry in Wetlands Soils

Wetlands of Pakistan

Restoring Canals Shown as Cost-efficient Way to Reverse Wetland Loss

Statistical optimization for lipase production from solid waste of vegetable oil industry.

Agropotentiality of rice mill waste water on germination and physiological parameters of rice


Multiple Positive Effects of Restoring Floodplains in Europe

First Comprehensive Regulatory Guidance for State Wetland Water Quality Standards

Reviving a Lake Using Artificial Wetlands in Delhi (VIDEO)

The Tree Species Pool of Amazonian Wetland Forests – Case Study

Constructed Wetland-Microbial Fuel Cells for Sustainable Greywater Treatment

Impact of Urbanization and Climate Changes on Watersheds: Study

Predicting ​Marsh ​Vulnerability ​to Sea-level ​Rise

Nanomaterials Could Mean More Algae Outbreaks for Wetlands, Waterways

New Green Bond ​Helps Finance ​Forests and ​Wetlands ​Protection

Peatland Contributions to UK Water Security

Predicting ​Shifts in ​Watersheds as ​Climate Changes ​

Draining Peatlands Gives Global Rise to Greenhouse Laughing-gas Missions

Presence, Persistence of Estrogens in Vernal Pools an Emerging Concern

How to Use The Water Network

Few Chicagoland Wetlands Left Without Non-native Species, Study Finds

New MSU Study Evaluates Wetland Restoration Efforts Along Gulf of Mexico

Tunis Wetlands ​Provides ​Natural ​Protection for ​Ancient Cities ​

Study Shows Wetlands Provide Landscape-scale Reduction in Nitrogen Pollution

Barnegat Bay Salt Marshes Provide Millions of Dollars of Water Treatment for Free – For Now

How Flamingos Improve Water Quality and Reduce Nitrogen Loads in Wetlands?

Hydroelectric Dams Threaten Pantanal - One of the World's Great Wetland

UNU-FLORES researchers are creating a central digital platform on constructed wetlands.

Urban Wetland in Heart of Adelaide Wins Australian Sustainability Award

Understanding the Processes that Control the Flow of Carbon in Marshes

Nature and Culture in the Management of Internationally Designated Wetlands

India’s Environment Ministry Notifies New Wetland Rules

Ancient Wetlands Offer Window into Climate Change

Riparian ​Plantings are ​Keeping Streams ​Clean

Destruction of Wetlands Linked to Algal Blooms in Great Lakes

Changes in Wetland Helping to Predict the Rate of Climate Change

Iran and S. Korea Bolster Co-op in Wetland Conservation

Loss of ​Wetlands in ​Sahel Linked to ​Migration into ​Europe

More Pumping Could Harm Wetlands, Nestle's Study Suggests

Private-Public ​Partnership ​Protects Wetlands in Massachusetts

Grassy Field Turned Into An Award-winning Wetland

USDA Seeks Proposals to Restore Wetlands in Vermont

Wetlands Scientists Against Undoing 'Clean Water Rule'

Transformation of Coastal ​Wetlands ​due ​to the Climate ​Change

World’s Largest Freshwater Wetland in Danger

Migratory Bird Wetland Park on the Airport

Lego Wetland Model for Promotion of Wetlands Conservation

When We Can Say a Wetland is Dead?

Protect Wetlands to Reduce Disaster Risk

World Wetlands Day - 2nd February

Coastal Wetlands Excel at Storing Carbon

Restored Floodplain Helps Heal Mississippi River

Working Together to Save Shanghai Wetlands

Study Reveals How Salt Water Impacts Wetlands

Trans-Regional Plan to Protect Gwadar Bay Biodiversity

PepsiCo Takes On Coca-Cola With Latin American Water Plan

Ahmedabad’s Coastal Wetlands to Get More Importance

Study Finds Widespread Land Losses from Gulf Oil Spill

Funding for Protection of Missouri Wetlands and Agricultural Land

Chicago River Gets 600 Feet of Floating Gardens

Iowa Scientists Simulate Watershed Health

The Role of Wetlands in Climate Neutrality Goal

Niagara River Restored and It Looks Like a Jurassic Park

123 Wetlands Rehabilitated in South Africa

Wetland Credited with Reducing Flood's Crest

Diversions or Pipelines to Rebuild the Coast?

Wetlands Play a Crucial Role in Climate Change Fight

New Technique To Manage Threatened Wetlands

Spanish Wetlands and Wildlife Sanctuary Under Threat

Wetlands Project to Eliminate Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

A New Tool for Wetland Management

4 Graphs - Wetlands Disappeared and Flooding Increased

Mathematical Model for Managing Wetlands

Project Aims for Farm-Friendly Wetland Preservation

Hudson's New Wetlands Conservation Plan

'Floating Wetlands' May Clean Pond Algae

Reed Threatening Local Marshes

USDA Invests in Wetlands

Delivering Water to Coorong, Lower Lakes

Widespread Herbicide Use on North American Wetlands

As Sea Level Rises, Hudson River Wetlands May Expand

Plan to Restore Anacostia Park Wetlands

Wetland responsibility comes at a cost for farmers

San Luis Valley wetlands, riparian habitat study to document change in So. Colo.

$60M from N.J. to aid North Jersey Rivers, Wetlands

Landmark San Francisco Bay Parcel Tax for Wetlands, Flood Control Appears to Win

Missing the Wetlands for the Water

Measure AA Would Restore Vital Wetlands

Water levels of vegetated wetlands can be readily gauged using a satellite radar

New Maize Varieties to Tackle Striga Weed

NGT Bats for Zero Discharge Plants for Tanneries

Rapid Protection of Wetlands Critical to Environmental and Economic Health of the Hudson Valley

Climate Innovation Center launched in Ghana

Wetland Destruction Irks Leaders in Gulu Municipality

Wetlands for our Future

Watch the Stockholm Debate online!

Engaging Communities of Practice for Better Wetland Management

What is a "wetland" for the purpose of this debate?

Forum du Jour - TV Interview (fr)

Climate change could decrease wetland carbon storage

Ecological disaster looms in Iran’s dying wetlands

DNREC Publishes Report on Wetlands Health

Wetlandsforum workshop Benin @TV Show "Forum du Jour"

Atelier regionale - Jour 3 - EN/FR - Rich Picture

Jour 1 - Introduction

L’ Atelier de lancement de l'Observatoire Biopama pour les régions d’Afrique Centrale et Occidentale

Nov 2014 - Conference on Land Policy in Africa (CLPA) launches land investment guidelines

Steering Committee

TEEB for Water and Wetlands