Agropotentiality of rice mill waste water on germination and physiological parameters of rice

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Industrial waste water contains different types of nutrients that may support the plant growth. In the present research, effect of rice mill waste water on growth of rice (Oriza sativa L.) were studied.It was observed that, the growth rate of the germinated seeds increases with an increase in concentrations of waste water up to 50% dilution and in pure waste water it is minimum. On third days of growth the germination was found to be 100% except control where it was found to be 95%. Root and shoot length of the germinated sheed increases with days of incubation up to 9th – 10th days of growth reaching a maximum length at 50% concentration. Dry matter partitioning of the embryo decreases at a faster rate during the initial days of growth. Total chlorophyll content was also be maximum in 50% dilution (2.013 mg/gm fresh wt). Key words: Waste water; Seed germination; Root length; Shoot length; Chlorophyll