How to Use The Water Network

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How to Use The Water Network

To ensure our members gain the most out of using The Water Network, we have put together a short manual about how to use The Water Network. 

1. Getting Around 2.png

All of a single content type posted on an instance can be found in the right top corner. 

Our instances are the homepage and various Thematic Groups and Communities of Practice, which can be found below the content types in the right top corner. 

To find thematic content, search for a Thematic Group or a Community of Practice of your interest and/or expertise and find the content types within the instance in the right top corner. 






2. Posting Content

All members are invited to post their content they have written or they find interesting. 


To post content, click on the green plus button on the homepage and select the content type: 

Below is an example of how to create an Article:

  1. On the top of the 'Create Article' frame, you can add a URL which will be embedded below the Article text. This is especially useful for adding videos. 
  2. You will need to fill in the title and the description. 
  3. It is advised to tag the Article with corresponding tags, as our SmartMatch algorithm will then suggest similar content. 
  4. Select a category to make the Article, i.e. a content type, easily searchable and to give other members the idea of what the Article is about, before opening it. 
  5. Attach an image or a PDF file, to make the Article more visually appealing or provide more information. 



3. Business Exchange 

The Business Exchange contains a list of all:



4. Personalize Your Experience on The Water Network

To personalize your experience on The Water Network and gain the most out of it, fill in your Expertise. 

To fill in or edit your Expertise, go to your profile (top right corner) and select the Industry Expertise that match your education and experience. 


As you fill in your expertise, not only will your ranking increase, but also, our SmartMatch algorithm will be able to suggest content and members based on your interests. 


You will be able to easily find:

  1. Members who match with similar interests and expertise smp2.png
  2. Content of your interest  smp lib.png
  3. Find products that match your expertise  
    smp pr.png