Anna Morynets, Project Manager at GlobeCore

Anna Morynets, Project Manager at GlobeCore


GlobeCore GmbH presents AVS-100 and AVS-150 vortex layer systems for intensification of technology processes.

The AVS electromagnetic devices with ferromagnetic elements are designed to intensify various physical and chemical processes.

Possible applications:

• Neutralization of wastewater, water desinfection, wastewater decontamination

• Desulfurization of fuel

• Sulfuric asphalt concrete and mixes

• Biogas production intensification

• Construction material industry, dry construction mixes

• Microcement and similar products

• Superfine and ultrafine milling

• Nano-powder production

• Drilling and sealing fluid production

• Mechanical engineering;

• Chemical industry, chrome removal, any electroplating;

• Agriculture, decontamination of wastewater and manure, grain treatment;

• Food production, any mixes, suspensions etc;

• Mining industry, pulverization of ore material;

• Pharmaceutical industry, etc.


- A video presentation of the AVS-150 vortex layer devices with a demonstration of the vortex layer

- Drilling and sealing fluid production

- Desulfurization of fuel, diesel, petroleum, distillate


- Cyanide removal from electroplating wastewater using the AVS-150

- Decontamination of chrome and acid/alkali containing wastewater in alkaline media using the AVS-150

- Portland cement. Final pulverization of 400 grade cement using the AVS-150

- Milling aluminum skimmings using the AVS-150

- Coal-water fuel (CWF)

- Continuous production of drilling fluid, with no time waste

The unit is especially effective in:

- production of multi-component emulsions and suspensions;

- production of ultrafine fractions of coal, sand, skimmings

- decontamination of cyanide electroplating wastewater

- sulfur treatment and activation, sulfuric asphalt concrete production

- superfine milling of any dry powder material

- production of drilling and sealing fluids

- acceleration of finely disperse mixture production, activation of substances, both dry and emulsified in water (improving properties of rubber and reduction of vulcanization time);

- complete purification of wastewater (removing phenol, formaldehyde, heave metals, arsenic, cyanides, acceleration of thermal treatment, production of proteins from yeast cells);

- improvement of microbiological stability of food products and activation of yeast in baking;

- improvement of meat and fish product quality;

- milling and pulverization of gold ore, improved gold yield:

- intensification of extraction, including production of broth, juice, pectin etc;

The units can pulverize and mill any products, dry or with water, powder, dust etc

The units are available in stock and in late production stages!


Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Manager, Director, Professor

Years of experience: 1 to 5 years